News for prayer from Trinity Church Scarborough

 Our God does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked! Rather he is pleased when they turn and live! (Ezekiel 18:23). Our desire as a church in Scarborough is to know Jesus and make him know to as many people as possible that they might turn and live! See below how this has, is and will be happening in the coming weeks and how you can prayerfully support God’s work here!

– The gospel will be proclaimed in many places this year but one avenue will be through our church events. Please pray for our Quiz Night on the 2nd February and pray that people would respond in faith to the powerful gospel message.

– Please pray for arrangements towards our up and coming Christianity Explored course. Pray that many will join us and discover who Jesus really is.

– Please pray for us as a church family to be filled with boldness and courage, through the Holy Spirit, in order to make Christ known. Praise God for the conversations had in recent weeks with friends, family and colleagues.

We are preaching through 2 Peter and Exodus this term, please pray that we would grow together in maturity as we engage with Gods Word on Sundays and throughout the week in Growth Groups. Praise God that we will be starting up our 5th Growth Group soon and please pray for wisdom as we do this. Finally, do continue to pray for the Anglican Mission in England as it seeks to see many new churches planted throughout the UK. Please pray for great godliness, wisdom and zeal for all its ministers.

News for Prayer from Church Church Central, Leeds

One Big Prayer

“The godly man is not content to go to heaven alone but wants to take others there. Spiders work only for themselves, bees work for others. A godly man is both a diamond and a magnet – a diamond for the sparkling luster of grace and a magnet for his attractiveness. He is always drawing others to embrace piety.”  Thomas Watson

We’ve been preaching through Matthew’s Gospel this term and have just begun the Sermon on the Mount. As a new, small church please pray we would live the kind of ‘salty’ distinctive lives that result in others coming to glorify God. The pressure is to blend in, especially as most of us are just at the early stages of getting to know neighbours, colleagues, and school friends. We need the courage to believe holiness is a help to evangelism not a hindrance. So please pray we’d be the diamonds and magnets that Thomas Watson speaks of, and that we’d therefore be used to take others to heaven.

As a particular urgent application of that, this Sunday (10th) we’re having our carol service. Please pray for us to be bold and prayerful in inviting people, not least as most of us are so new to the city we don’t know many people well yet.

What’s Been Happening

Last Sunday was our 13th public service – this term has flown past! We’ve begun to settle on Sunday mornings at about 30 adults and 10 children. Some have found us through word of mouth, some through the internet but I think my favourite story so far is the guy from Hungary who bumped into one of our regulars whilst running in the park. He’d only been in the country a week or so but was intrigued enough to come along and has been back every week – please do pray for him! We’re also very thankful to have a couple of musicians which makes a huge difference to the services.  A highlight recently was our first baptism: Joel Kendall came up from our sister church in Derby to baptise Jonty and Georgina’s third daughter.

Each Wednesday we’ve continued to meet at Jonty and Georgina’s house, initially to think about the Incarnation and more recently to begin studying the book of Proverbs together. We’ve had a good number along meaning it’s getting tricky to fit in the lounge, so we’re hoping to move to a more central venue in the new year.  All the Derby movers have now arrived, though already a couple of regulars have had to leave us – hopefully temporarily – due to changes in circumstances. Last update we asked for prayer for jobs for some of those still searching: some have now got work, others still looking, so please keep praying. Instability in life inevitably leads to church still feeling quite fragile, so please pray for those involved to be able to settle into houses and jobs.

Give Thanks:

  • All the Derby movers have now arrived and are in work
  • For our first baptism
  • For a good group committed to the new church

Please Pray:

  • For our Carol Service this Sunday: for those who don’t know the Lord to come, repent and believe
  • For the core group getting to know non Christians, praying and witnessing to them
  • For our plans to begin a Sunday afternoon group for children in the new year

Many thanks for your prayers, we’re very aware of our debt to those outside Leeds who have helped get Christ Church off the ground in so many ways.

Jonty and all at CCCL

News for prayer from Trinity Church Scarborough

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever”  Psalm 118:1

We ought to be so thankful to our God and King for all the spiritual blessings we have “in Christ” (Eph 1:3) and we ask that you pray we would be a church marked by thankfulness.

Here are a few updates for prayer:

  • Playsongs (toddler group) continues to thrive and be a source of new relationships and friendships. Please pray that people will transition from that group to church on Sunday and other initial ways to hear more of the gospel.
  • Growth Groups continue to thrive and we pray that we would truly grasp that the authority is not in our own opinions but in the living and active Word of God.
  • On Sundays we are continuing to see new people and visitors trickle through the doors and so we ask that we would not settle into comfortable patterns but be prepared to challenge and encourage one another in the faith and welcome new people well.
  • The Women’s Craft evening is this coming Friday (1st). Give thanks for the variety of Non Christians and Christians who have said they will come and pray they do make it along. Pray for the evening to be filled with conversation about Jesus and pray for many people to want to find out more.
  • Give thanks for the variety of 1-2-1’s happening between members of the church family and also with those exploring the faith. Pray these lead to fruitful and effective ministry and the salvation of the lost.
  • Give thanks for the 15 members of Trinity Church who enjoyed inviting people to the Christmas events (see below) at the Scarborough Christmas light switch on.

Christmas events

We are looking forward to our big weekend of Christmas events on the 16th/17th December.

Please pray:

  • That many people would come along to each of these events.
  • That we would be wise, creative and efficient in our planning.
  • That all of the Church family would find ways to be involved.
  • That the gospel would be heard loud and clear.
  • That lots of people would sign up to our evangelistic course in January.
  • That we would see people turn in faith and repentance to the living God.

One Man, Two Roles

Martin Woodier has been commissioned as the new Co-Pastor of a church in North Yorkshire. But a key aspect of his role will be to lead a completely different church in West Yorkshire. We asked him to share the details.

At the end of September, my Commissioning Service took place at South Craven Evangelical Church. As well as serving as Co-Pastor, half of my role is very specific: to lead a new church plant five miles away in the town of Keighley.

When you look at church planting, it is sometimes done in a “missionary” style, where a church planter announces that he will be starting a church and seeks to rally troops from near and far to enlist alongside him.

South Craven Evangelical Church (SCEC), on the semi-rural border of North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Lancashire, is taking a different route. It is a church planting a church.

Assessing the gospel need

SCEC has been concerned for a number of years for areas which are quite distinct from the nest of villages in which it is found. They are all 15-30 minutes’ drive away on good, open roads. This has been heightened in the past six or seven years as quite a few people have been travelling in from three directions to gather with the church.

After a lot of careful thought and prayer the church became convinced that the way forward was to take on an extra full-time Co-Pastor who would, rather unusually, have a split role between:

  1. Helping to strengthen the preaching, pastoring, training and leadership of the growing church in South Craven, working alongside the Pastor Paul Gamston.
  2. Leading a church plant in Keighley, working with the people from the church who already live in that area.

It was clear, both from the point of view of what the current church needs are and from the point of view of simultaneously leading a church plant, that this was a role for an experienced Pastor who would add to the strength of the team.

That is where I come into it! 30 years of pastoring Bethel Church in nearby Otley counted as sufficient experience!

If current terminology had been around back in 1986 when I started out in Otley it would have been called re-planting or revitalisation. We had ten members (including my wife, Kim, and me) and a maximum of 15 gathering on a Sunday morning. The church grew in fits and starts but overall slowly. Last summer I handed over the pastoral role to Chris Haley who I had been training there for three years.

Plans for Keighley

In my new role I get to serve alongside Paul which is a great privilege. We have developed a good friendship over the past few years and we’re confident that we can work well together. We are clear between us and with the church that Paul is the lead Pastor of South Craven Evangelical Church, with me supporting him and sharing the ministry with him, taking the leading role when he is not available. I am the lead Pastor for the church plant.

The work in Keighley is truly at an embryonic stage. We have about 14 adults and 14 children who we can be fairly sure will start the church. Keighley is a very different place to the villages of South Craven. It is closer geographically to South Craven but closer socioeconomically and ethnically to central Bradford (10 miles away).

We have a lot of praying, thinking, planning and plotting to do as we see the best way to reach a town which is very diverse and largely segregated.

So please would you pray for us? Our aims are:

  • To reach the lost in the large town of Keighley in a culturally appropriate way.
  • To create a community of gospel people in and for Keighley.
  • To love each other as we love Jesus, knowing this has an impact for the Gospel (John 13:34-35).

Adapted from an original post on the FIEC website

Trinity Church Scarborough – October news for prayer

Dear friends,
Thank you again for your prayers. We are excited to say that we have continued to see God at work through his Word and the Holy Spirit. We are still burdened to see more people come to repentance and put their faith in Jesus.
We really do value your prayers for the continual work here at Trinity Church Scarborough and we hope that you find this prayer update encouraging.

  • Praise God that the Celebration weekend went really well! Many people came to each of the events and heard the gospel. We met new people, built on already existing relationships and have had the chance to follow up with a number of people. Thank God for the success of this weekend and pray for us as we follow up with different people whether Christians or not.
  • We are still encouraged about the new teenage girls bible study. There are 5 girls attending and we ask that you pray that they all truly come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Pray for the leaders to discern well how to pray and speak to each of the girls as needed.
  • We really want to  keep evangelism a priority and we ask that you would pray for an emboldening of the church family as we seek to speak to people about Jesus. Please also pray for the evangelism team as they seek to coordinate different events and outreaches.
  • Give thanks for the Church family, it is a delight to see people from different church backgrounds united together in our love for Jesus. Please pray we would learn to love each other well and learn to speak God’s word more into each other’s lives.

“Therefore, brothers and sisters, in all our distress and persecution we were encouraged about you because of your faith. For now we really live, since you are standing firm in the Lord.” 1 Thessalonians 3:7-8

Love in Christ,
Trinity Church Scarborough

Celebration Weekend – Trinity Church Scarborough

I’m writing to let you know more about a special weekend that is fast approaching in the life of Trinity Church. We are running a Celebration Weekend at the end of September. This is an opportunity to celebrate all that God has done so far and a chance for us to promote our existence in this beautiful seaside town.
In short, here’s what is happening:
Friday 29th Sept (8-10pm). A fun quiz with great prizes and a short talk from me on ‘The Big Questions of Life’
Saturday 30th Sept (2-4.30pm). A community fun afternoon with our celebration service and afternoon tea
Sunday 1st October (10.30-11.45am). A guest service with preacher Bishop Andy Lines
We are so grateful for all your prayers for the growth of the gospel here at Trinity Church. Here are a few suggestions of how you can pray for this event.
  • Pray earnestly for God to bring new people along to all the events
  • Pray the congregation will scatter invitations widely and liberally to their friends, neighbours and colleagues
  • Pray the congregation will come to all the events if they can – even if they are not their cup of tea. Their presence will boost numbers and give them a chance to talk to new people.
  • Pray that local people will start coming to church as a result, with a keenness to find out more about Jesus
  • In order to promote these events we’re hoping to be on local radio, have an article in a local newspaper, and will definitely spread the news on Facebook and have plans to be in the town centre over the next three weeks. Pray these activities are fruitful.
Some of you may be keen to join us for the celebration weekend. Saturday is the ideal day to come so you can be part of your own congregation on the Sunday. If you are planning to pop across then can you let us know so we can estimate numbers for catering.
Love in Christ,
Lee McMunn
Senior Minister

News from Trinity Church, Scarborough

There are a million things to do but only one thing is truly needed! Sitting at the feet of Jesus and hearing his words is that one thing (Luke 10:38-42). Trinity Church Scarborough exists with this one aim: “To know Jesus and make him known” and so we seek to call the people of Scarborough to repent and trust Jesus with their lives so that they might come and sit at the feet of Jesus. We also call each other, as those committed to Trinity Church Scarborough, to continually sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to his words! As we get to know Jesus through his word and make Jesus known through his word, our prayer and striving has been and continues to be that at the center of all we do is a serious and joyful commitment to his word!

It has been an exciting few months as a new church in Scarborough and whilst there has been a lot to do, without doubt, the greatest joy has been the response of people to the word of God! We have had the Joy of seeing a lady profess saving faith in Jesus Christ and the joy of seeing believers from a diversity of church backgrounds find unity in the gospel of Jesus and the authority of his Word!

We started meeting together on Sundays back in May and if we thought it would be a slow start, how wrong we were! From our first Sunday gathering we had many visitors and it has been wonderful to see how many of these visitors have become active members of our church family. We began with little else formally other than meeting together on Sundays but the flow of believers that were interested continued and that flow has only just began to turn into a trickle. This culminated in our “Count Me in Breakfast” which gave an opportunity for us to clearly run through the vision and priorities of Trinity Church. For many it was an important marker and provided an opportunity for people to clear up questions and make a commitment to being part of our local church family. Our original “core team” has now become a growing church family of over 30 adults that longs to sit at the feet of our Lord Jesus and listen to his words.

At Trinity Church we would like to think that the door is open to anyone and amazingly we have seen believers and unbelievers gather with us on Sundays. Despite this we are aware that leaving the door open is not enough and we want to be a church committed to making Jesus known and so the phrase “taking it up a gear” has not only come into play as we began our four “Growth Groups” (more than the two groups we expected to start) but has also referred to the beginnings of some of our serious evangelistic endeavors. Wonderfully we have seen some come and hear the gospel on Sundays and we pray others will come to a whole host of other events and activities we will put on in the Autumn. Alongside this we have also desired and sought to go and share the gospel! We have seen this happen relationally as members of our church have met with unbelievers and worked through the Essentials and Identity resources and also in the form of “cold contact” as some of us have been out with Trinity Church leaflets, Essentials books and having very positive conversations with people at the football ground and town center. Even more recently we have been excited to have United Beach Missions back in Scarborough for a week. This has proven to be another exciting opportunity to make Jesus known to both Scarborough residents and holiday and day visitors to Scarborough.

Our celebration weekend will begin on Friday 29th September and finish with a 10:30am service on Sunday 1st October. We continue to pray that we will see many people throughout Yorkshire come to know salvation in Jesus!

News of the Scarborough Church Plant

Thank you for your prayers as things continue to move forward with Trinity Church Scarborough. It is vital that we remain humbly dependent on the God of Salvation as we seek proclaim the gospel to many.


Please continue to give thanks for the newcomers we’ve had since starting over a month ago. We have seen both Christians and non-Christians coming along to see what the church is about. We would love you to pray for our Count me in Breakfast on 2nd July which  will give people the chance to learn more about Trinity Church and we pray that as a result some would commit to joining the church family.


Give thanks for the number of people who want to belong to our new Growth Groups (small groups), and please pray for wisdom as we plan where and when to run them. We ask that God would use these times to help us chew over the sermon, delight in God more and apply what he has said to our lives.


Please also pray for our evangelistic endeavours. Please pray for us as we hand out Welcome Leaflets and other gospel resources at the opening game of the new Scarborough Athletic Football Ground which is just around the corner from our Sunday venue. Pray also that many will join our evangelism training which will be followed by the Essentials course which we will run on Sunday evenings in July.

Many thanks, Trinity Church Scarborough

Can you help a new church initiative for Doncaster?

Central DoncasterSt Mary's Wheatley is one of the areas identified by Gospel Yorkshire as an area of spiritual need and opportunity.  So we are thrilled to hear that the Church of England Diocese of Sheffield  is supporting a new work in St Mary’s, Wheatley.  The work will be headed by Andy Thomas, presently Associate Vicar of St Matthew’s in Cambridge.

Please pray for this initiative – that workers will be raised up; that Andy and Amy will settle quickly into their new church; and that Andy will enjoy fellowship, support and encouragement from the other evangelical churches already established in Doncaster.

You can contact Andy and get all the details here

Pathway to Planting (part 2)

Our Assistant Director, Daniel Grimwade, continues his short series of posts on the 5 steps of the Gospel Yorkshire Pathway.  You can get part 1,  where Daniel explains how we identify needy areas, here.


2. Define the approach


For the church plant to begin, there will need to be suitable workers and a definite approach outlined for what is to be accomplished. Across Yorkshire there are lots of church networks and groupings, many whom are interested in seeing new churches planted. The regional coordinators work with the various networks to clarify ownership and responsibility of each proposed new work, thus ensuring maximum prayer support and avoiding misunderstanding between different churches and networks. At this stage, it is not anticipated that all the details will have been worked out but a clear vision of what is being attempted will be clear for those wanting to get involved or support the work.


3. Appoint a leader


Leadership is key, and having a suitably qualified person or persons to set the vision and get the work underway is vital. On many occasions this step may come before or alongside step 2 (define the approach). As Jesus said, workers come when God’s people pray for the Lord of the harvest to send forth workers. The Lord then uses a variety of ways to connect leaders with those interested in getting the work off the ground – it maybe through a church network or denomination, or by advertising the need and opportunity through channels such as Gospel Yorkshire.