News from the Valley

Spen Valley Church was planted, in conjunction with Gospel Yorkshire, in September last year. Since then they’ve been seeking to reach out into their community with the good news of Jesus. Their Pastor, and GY West Yorkshire Co-ordinator, Graham Thomson brings us encouragements and prayer points.

We’ve been really encouraged as we sought to establish Spen Valley Church in Cleckheaton since September. God has been very good to us. Some blessings we’re experiencing at the moment would include:

  • A number of new visitors with us on Sundays recently. Some of these are unbelievers who are expressing a real interest in knowing Jesus
  • We’re beginning to get to know a number of people in our town and valley, and have had many opportunities to share Jesus with them
  • A continued real spiritual hunger and growth among some who been with us for a few months now
  • Our first baptism on 6th May
  • An answer to our prayers about housing for two of our members, in an unexpected manner!
    The house in Cleckheaton they have been trying to buy for several months sadly fell through. However, a rental property became available in the town at almost exactly the same time. They expect to move in in the next few weeks. This will mean that all our members are now living in the Spen Valley.

We’re also asking the Lord to continue blessing us.
Some particular needs at the moment are:

  • The vast majority of the visitors who have joined us on Sundays are women. We’re very conscious of the need to disciple these women, and reach others with the gospel. We’d value prayer as we seek to find the best ways to do this.
  • We’re so thankful to the Lord that we have received financial support for many of his people. We do need some extra finances to fulfil our ministry for our second year, starting in September. We’d value pray for provision from the Lord’s people, especially as we write to churches, and grant making bodies to ask for help.
  • We realise that planting in the Spen Valley is a long term vision. Many of the people we’re meeting have no knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Please pray that we’d have patience during what may well be a period of sowing the truth of the gospel.

God has been so good to us. We’re excited about what he has in store for us in the future, and are praying that his name would be glorified in us here.

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