Celebration Weekend – Trinity Church Scarborough

I’m writing to let you know more about a special weekend that is fast approaching in the life of Trinity Church. We are running a Celebration Weekend at the end of September. This is an opportunity to celebrate all that God has done so far and a chance for us to promote our existence in this beautiful seaside town.
In short, here’s what is happening:
Friday 29th Sept (8-10pm). A fun quiz with great prizes and a short talk from me on ‘The Big Questions of Life’
Saturday 30th Sept (2-4.30pm). A community fun afternoon with our celebration service and afternoon tea
Sunday 1st October (10.30-11.45am). A guest service with preacher Bishop Andy Lines
We are so grateful for all your prayers for the growth of the gospel here at Trinity Church. Here are a few suggestions of how you can pray for this event.
  • Pray earnestly for God to bring new people along to all the events
  • Pray the congregation will scatter invitations widely and liberally to their friends, neighbours and colleagues
  • Pray the congregation will come to all the events if they can – even if they are not their cup of tea. Their presence will boost numbers and give them a chance to talk to new people.
  • Pray that local people will start coming to church as a result, with a keenness to find out more about Jesus
  • In order to promote these events we’re hoping to be on local radio, have an article in a local newspaper, and will definitely spread the news on Facebook and have plans to be in the town centre over the next three weeks. Pray these activities are fruitful.
Some of you may be keen to join us for the celebration weekend. Saturday is the ideal day to come so you can be part of your own congregation on the Sunday. If you are planning to pop across then can you let us know so we can estimate numbers for catering.
Love in Christ,
Lee McMunn
Senior Minister
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