“No Easy Gains: planting when it’s tough”                   Gospel Yorkshire’s Third Annual  Conference                 28th September 2017

 with Mez McConnell, Al Gooderham and Ian Williamson

Devoted to Reaching Out – growth by evangelism  Mez McConnell

Devoted to People – the gospel for Yorkshire   Al Gooderham

Panel discussion with Mez, Al & Ian Williamson

Devoted to Church – the local church solution  Mez McConnell


Here’s a reminder of the first two Gospel Yorkshire Annual Conferences……

“Making it Happen” Gospel Yorkshire’s Second Annual Conference, 5th October 2016

Hugo Charteris of Christ Church Heaton, kicked off the day by addressing the question; Why We Plant: Biblical Foundations. He identified four kinds of churches where the gospel is present: where people trade on heritage and no one is teaching the Bible each week: where the Bible is taught but is detached from the culture round it: where the Bible is taught but people don’t live it out: and lastly, where there is devotion to the Scriptures, to one another, to hospitality, to prayers and engaging with others. It is this biblical pattern of Acts chapter 2 verse 42 that should guide us in deciding where and how we should plant, either where there are no gospel churches or where they conform to the first three types listed above.

You can listen to Hugo’s talk here Why We Plant: Biblical Foundations

News from the three forthcoming plants followed, together with the inspiring true story of Thomas Langton, the 19th century Yorkshire evangelist told by Tim Chester.

You can listen to Tim’s talk here Gospel Power in Yorkshire: The Story of Thomas Langton

After a series of practical seminars on various aspects of planting, Lewis Allen, Director of Gospel Yorkshire and Pastor of Hope Church Huddersfield directed us to the need to plant for eternity, from Deuteronomy chapter 10 verses 20 – 22.  These verses give five pointers: the Lord will honour your godliness not your expertly trained team: planting needs bravery not well crafted plans: delight in your church plant could kill you: never lose sight of his favour: and plan for eternity not for the short term.

You can listen to Lewis’ talk here Planting for Eternity


“Why Not Now?” Gospel Yorkshire Launch Conference, 7th October 2015

Our launch conference, entitled ‘Why not now?’ was held at Dewsbury Evangelical Church on the 7th October. You can read a report here.