“Why Not Now?” was the question posed by the Gospel Yorkshire Launch Conference on 7th October at Dewsbury Evangelical Church.

Present were eighty people from around the county and beyond, including church leaders, ministry trainees, Bible College students, retired people and others in the workplace.

Neil Powell (City Birmingham and 20/20 Birmingham) and Andy Paterson (Mission Director for the FIEC) came to open up God’s Word. Neil gave a masterful overview of Jonah, probing the motives of our hearts as we engage in (or avoid!) sharing the Gospel with the lost.

Andy urged us to humble, Gospel-serving partnership from Acts 17, and pressed home the implications of Yorkshire’s needs, as he explored social data on the county with us. Their input brought much-needed realism, about ourselves as Gospel servants, our county, and the infinite power and possibilities of God’s grace.

As well as hearing God’s Word, we had extensive updates from different churches and ministries in the county (Acts 29, International Presbyterian Church, the new Church Planting Academy based in Sheffield, and Anglican Mission in England). We also broke into regional groups for news, conversation and prayer. In those groups it was brilliant to explore serious planting plans in Leeds, Scarborough, East Hull and the Spen Valley, as well as to look at the needs of Central Doncaster.

As we had hoped and prayed for, one of the best features of the day was the opportunity to talk together, either as already-established Gospel partners, or as new friends. Several came from outside Yorkshire and are seriously looking at ministry opportunities here. The result of the day was that we went home encouraged to get to work, relying upon the Lord, and ambitious to partner in seeing churches established.


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You can listen to Andy’s message here