the MAIN event

One of Gospel Yorkshire’s key objectives is to excite people about the possibility of planting churches in Yorkshire.  We could do this locally as our regional co-ordinators draw together groups to pray and plan for a specific situation.  Or we could do it on a county-wide basis, allowing us to focus on key principles and think about things at a strategic level.

Our MAIN event, or Conference, is held annually at the start of October.  Last year, we met on Wednesday 9th October and the theme was Persevering in Planting .  Our main speakers were Tim Davis, Ian Goodson and Richard Underwood.

Feedback from the day was excellent but, sadly, our tech went wrong and the recordingd didn’t happen.  However, you may find it helpful to scroll through the addresses from previous Conferences. And, if you have a coffee to hand, make yourself comfy and have a listen.

Sadly, COVID has scuppered plans for a 2020 Conference but watch this space for 2021!