More than church planting?

Gospel Yorkshire is totally serious about establishing new gospel causes (or rescuing sinking ones) in Yorkshire.  And one of the joys that comes with that passion is meeting like-minded people who just want to do something to forward the cause of the gospel in our great county.  Step forward Hannah Chan.

Hannah is currentHannah Chan croppedly studying for a Masters in Biblical Counselling in the States but her heart is in South Yorkshire.  Doncaster, to be precise.  Having spent the first ten years of her life in “Donny”, Hannah was keen to come back to her birthplace to help churches that are just getting off the ground or smaller causes that might need support.  So she contacted Gospel Yorkshire and offered her services during two months of her summer vacation.

Needless to say, we snatched her hand off and Hannah is working with three churches during June and July.  Doncaster Evangelical Church, Gateway Church (Barnsley) and Rotherham Evangelical Church will each benefit from Hannah’s skills.  Additionally, she is joining the team welcoming international freshers to Sheffield University.  And, in between, we are lining up a few additional tasks just to keep her sharp!

It’s been a joy getting to know Hannah and, we trust, some of our input will help her develop her God-given talents.  Please pray for Hannah as she serves in South Yorkshire – especially that she will get a real sense of whether or not God is calling her to serve Him here when she graduates next Summer.


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