News from Trinity Church, Scarborough

There are a million things to do but only one thing is truly needed! Sitting at the feet of Jesus and hearing his words is that one thing (Luke 10:38-42). Trinity Church Scarborough exists with this one aim: “To know Jesus and make him known” and so we seek to call the people of Scarborough to repent and trust Jesus with their lives so that they might come and sit at the feet of Jesus. We also call each other, as those committed to Trinity Church Scarborough, to continually sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to his words! As we get to know Jesus through his word and make Jesus known through his word, our prayer and striving has been and continues to be that at the center of all we do is a serious and joyful commitment to his word!

It has been an exciting few months as a new church in Scarborough and whilst there has been a lot to do, without doubt, the greatest joy has been the response of people to the word of God! We have had the Joy of seeing a lady profess saving faith in Jesus Christ and the joy of seeing believers from a diversity of church backgrounds find unity in the gospel of Jesus and the authority of his Word!

We started meeting together on Sundays back in May and if we thought it would be a slow start, how wrong we were! From our first Sunday gathering we had many visitors and it has been wonderful to see how many of these visitors have become active members of our church family. We began with little else formally other than meeting together on Sundays but the flow of believers that were interested continued and that flow has only just began to turn into a trickle. This culminated in our “Count Me in Breakfast” which gave an opportunity for us to clearly run through the vision and priorities of Trinity Church. For many it was an important marker and provided an opportunity for people to clear up questions and make a commitment to being part of our local church family. Our original “core team” has now become a growing church family of over 30 adults that longs to sit at the feet of our Lord Jesus and listen to his words.

At Trinity Church we would like to think that the door is open to anyone and amazingly we have seen believers and unbelievers gather with us on Sundays. Despite this we are aware that leaving the door open is not enough and we want to be a church committed to making Jesus known and so the phrase “taking it up a gear” has not only come into play as we began our four “Growth Groups” (more than the two groups we expected to start) but has also referred to the beginnings of some of our serious evangelistic endeavors. Wonderfully we have seen some come and hear the gospel on Sundays and we pray others will come to a whole host of other events and activities we will put on in the Autumn. Alongside this we have also desired and sought to go and share the gospel! We have seen this happen relationally as members of our church have met with unbelievers and worked through the Essentials and Identity resources and also in the form of “cold contact” as some of us have been out with Trinity Church leaflets, Essentials books and having very positive conversations with people at the football ground and town center. Even more recently we have been excited to have United Beach Missions back in Scarborough for a week. This has proven to be another exciting opportunity to make Jesus known to both Scarborough residents and holiday and day visitors to Scarborough.

Our celebration weekend will begin on Friday 29th September and finish with a 10:30am service on Sunday 1st October. We continue to pray that we will see many people throughout Yorkshire come to know salvation in Jesus!

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