Pathway to Planting (part 2)

Our Assistant Director, Daniel Grimwade, continues his short series of posts on the 5 steps of the Gospel Yorkshire Pathway.  You can get part 1,  where Daniel explains how we identify needy areas, here.


2. Define the approach


For the church plant to begin, there will need to be suitable workers and a definite approach outlined for what is to be accomplished. Across Yorkshire there are lots of church networks and groupings, many whom are interested in seeing new churches planted. The regional coordinators work with the various networks to clarify ownership and responsibility of each proposed new work, thus ensuring maximum prayer support and avoiding misunderstanding between different churches and networks. At this stage, it is not anticipated that all the details will have been worked out but a clear vision of what is being attempted will be clear for those wanting to get involved or support the work.


3. Appoint a leader


Leadership is key, and having a suitably qualified person or persons to set the vision and get the work underway is vital. On many occasions this step may come before or alongside step 2 (define the approach). As Jesus said, workers come when God’s people pray for the Lord of the harvest to send forth workers. The Lord then uses a variety of ways to connect leaders with those interested in getting the work off the ground – it maybe through a church network or denomination, or by advertising the need and opportunity through channels such as Gospel Yorkshire.

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